The holidays are here, don’t forget to put on a new wood or vinyl fence on your shopping list! While many people may be waiting for spring to have a new custom build fence installed on their property, winter is a better time to buy a fence. 

Why is winter the best time to buy a fence? 

You can save a few bucks and get a spectacular custom build fence!

Winter is typically the most cost effective time to purchase a fence. Since there is a spike in demand for fences during the warmer months, and they typically take longer to install during the spring and summer.

This means your budget can go further. Instead of a standard fence, you can have a custom built fence built with quality materials. Not only will it look better, it will last for decades. This time of year allows you more time to work one on one with the fencing contractor.

Quicker Installation

If you wait till Spring to have a fence installed, you may have to wait because crews are much busier. Permit staff is also less busy this time of year, so making sure the project meets all the proper codes is quicker. 

Less Disruption

Since much of the landscape is dormant during the winter, there will be less landscape damage during installation. It may also motivate you to get a head start planting new trees or shrubs. This way they will be well established before the stress of the summer heat. 

The Holidays Are A Great Time To Consider Home Improvements

A sturdy fence that complements the style of your home can enhance the curb appeal of your home to potential buyers who enjoy privacy, want extra security, and/or have kids or pets to tend to.

When Spring Comes Around, You Can Enjoy Your Yard

Spring will be here before you know it, and you will be ready. Whether it is creating a quiet backyard retreat, want a little privacy from the neighbors, enclose a pool, or provide a safe place for kids and pets to play,

The holidays can be a busy time, which is why Fence Central has made it easy.  Start the process with our quick online contact form and we’ll contact you with a free quote.