There are several different materials that fences can be made from. Each have a different look and feel and can add charm, beauty, and value to your property. There are advantages to each type of fence, depending on the features you’re looking to add to your property.

Wood fences are warm, welcoming, and can be stained or painted to any color you desire. They can be tall and give your space privacy, a true extension of your home.

Vinyl fences have many of the same privacy benefits of wood, but without the upkeep. Vinyl fences can last a lifetime with only minimal maintenance.

Aluminum fences aren’t quite as common as wood or vinyl fences, but have plenty of benefits of their own. Aluminum comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Similar to a vinyl fence, aluminum never needs to be painted or stained to keep its peak appearance. Unlike vinyl, aluminum fences rarely need even to be cleaned due to their typically dark color.

Aluminum is an ideal choice if you’re looking to fence in a pool or backyard and don’t want a privacy fence. Aluminum fences allow your pool or back yard to stay safely enclosed, providing a safe space for kids and pets to play, but without blocking your view of surrounding trees, lake, or green space.

If you’re considering an aluminum fence for your property, visit Fence Central’s Aluminum Fences page and scroll down to see examples of work we’ve done for very satisfied customers. We’re happy to offer you a free quote or additional information if you contact us.