Before summer is here, it is a good time to evaluate your fence. Whether you need to make some repairs or have a deteriorating fence replaces, our team at Fence Central can help.

How do you know if your fence needs repairs?

Rotting fence posts

Not only unsightly, rotting fence posts can be dangerous. If you notice any rotting, it is important to act quickly, the rot can spread easily. Before long, what could have been an easy fix, requires an entire replacement.

Missing or broken railings

If addressed early, replacing a missing or broken railing might not be a big deal. But remember these railings ensure the structural integrity of the fence. The lack of support cause them to sag and become fragile.

Twisted and rusty metal

Though metal fences should last for decades, if they are neglected, it’s a whole other story. Rusted and twisted metal can be a safety and health risk to kids and pets.

Leaning and uprooted posts

Fence posts provide a support system and a sturdy foundation. If you notice the posts leaning or uprooted, the structural integrity of the fence has probably been compromised. You need to contact a fencing professional to have it inspected to determine if it can be repaired.

Insect Damage

Insect damage can be detrimental to a wood fence. Central Florida has its fair share of termites, carpenter ants, and wood boring beetles, that can damage and threaten the structural integrity of any wood. Signs include boring, gnawing, and holes in the fence. Catching damage and infestation early and eliminating the insect can reduce the damage.

Total Repair Costs

Weighing the cost of repair or replace your fence can difficult one. Making several different repairs can end up costing more than having the entire fence replaced. A good place to start is by inspecting your fence.

The team at Fence Central has a wide choice of quality wood, vinyl, and metal fencing at an affordable price. We custom build all of our wood fences on-site rather than using pre-built panels. The high standards that set us apart from other companies ensure the strongest, longest lasting wood fence possible.

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