Thinking about installing a fence on your property? Chain link fences have come a long way in the last decade. They are made from high quality materials, and are known for their durability and affordability. Because they are galvanized after weaving they deter rust and come in a variety of colors and heights. No wonder why they are the highest selling fences in America.

It may be surprised by the variety of ways chain link fences can be used around your home or business.

Use a chain link fence to boarder your yard

Chain link fences are a visually appealing way to provide protection without obstructing the view. Children and dogs will be contained. They won’t be able to leave the yard, while intruders are encouraged to stay out.

Use a chain link fence to boarder your garden

A beautiful way mark boundary lines. Not only defining the starting and ending point of the garden, but protecting it from animals getting into it and children running through all your hard work.

Use a chain link fence to secure your pool

A chain link fence can protect children and pets from accidentally falling into the water. In fact, Florida law requires those residences with pools, spas, or hot tubs, to have one safety barrier, such as a fence and at least four feet high, to prevent access to the swimming pool.

Use a chain link fence to contain dangerous or hazardous materials

If you store any type of dangerous materials on your property, it is important to keep them safely contained. Whether it is scrap metal or wood, a water or electrical system, you don’t want pets or children wandering around it. A chain link fence is perfect for this type of situation because it can be as small or large as it needs to be.

Chain link fences are an effective and efficient and can be used in a variety of ways. Isn’t it time you had a fence installed?  Save time and money on your next fencing project by contacting Fence Central.