There are lots of good reasons to install a fence. You may want to increase the curb appeal of your home, increase privacy and security, reduce noise, or keep kids and pets safely in the yard. Chances are, your reason for wanting a fence is multi-faceted. Knowing why you want a fence can help you to choose the fence material, height, and location that is right for your home. But the decision process isn’t finished. Here are three additional things to consider before you install a fence.

Consideration 1: Does your homeowners’ association have any regulations about fence type, height, or appearance? It may be tedious to find out that information, but it’s better than installing a fence that is outside of regulations and being forced to pay a fine or remove the fence.

Consideration 2: If your neighbors are close by, what do they think about a fence? If you’re on good terms, it might behoove you to run your ideas by them to see what they think. Be especially cautious if you’re considering a tall, solid fence that may block their views.

Consideration 3: How will climate affect your fence? In Florida, where summers are often rainy and muggy, vinyl fences require the least amount of maintenance. In colder climates where the ground regularly freezes, concrete anchors sunk deep in the ground may be necessary to ensure that fence posts don’t crack in winter.

Contact Fence Central if you’re on the fence about getting a fence. We can help you to choose the fence that will fit your needs, stay within your budget, and add value to your home.