wood fence with sky

A beautiful wood fence provides a traditional and natural look for your property that can define your boundaries. We custom build all of our wood fences onsite rather than using pre-built panels. The high standards that set us apart from other companies ensure the strongest, longest lasting wood fence possible.

With wood fences being offered in styles such as Stockade, Board-on-Board, Shadowbox, Ranch Rail, and Picket, there is sure to be a style that fits your needs.

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  • All posts are set in concrete

  • Our gate posts are 6”x6”x10’ and are set 4’ in ground with 180lbs of concrete.

  • We use the highest rated 2×4 premium pressure treated rails that have less knots in them than standard pressure treated 2×4’s.

  • We screw all of our premium rails to the posts using tan decking screws rather than nails. This process is a little more time consuming, but it will make your fence much stronger for years to come.

  • Our pickets are 5-1/2” x 5/8” dog-eared, pressure-treated pine rather than the standard 4”x1/2” pickets.

  • All of our pickets are installed one at a time on the rails using ring shank galvanized nails that will deter rust and prevent the pickets from coming loose.

View our wood fence installations below.